What exactly do we do?

Denarius has its own version of the traditional ‘Masternode’, called a Fortuna Stake. They are essentially computers that host the full blockchain ledger which are kept online 24 hours a day. They perform specific functions to support the Denarius blockchain network, and you get paid in return for running one.

They initially cost 5000D to purchase of which can be purchased from a cryptocurrency exchange. Denarius’ two major exchanges are currently SouthXchange and TradeOgre. Once you have purchased your 5000D you will need to download, install and sync up latest Denarius cryptocurrency wallet, available here. Installation instructions on how to set up your Fortuna Stake is included via email.

We essentially do all the hard work for you. We host the Fortuna Stake daemons on our servers, keep them up to date, we do the lot. Unlike shared ‘masternode’ services who hold funds on your behalf, you keep your funds in your wallets. We dont have access to them whatsoever, we never will and its 100% safe.

d.F.P.S. Decentralized Fair Payment System

Denarius’ world first dFPS, seeks to decentralize masternode rewards with a fair and balanced reward system based on taking the current block hash, scanning back what happened in XYZ blocks, and then balancing out rewards all decentralized within protocol on the Denarius (D) network

Built from the ground up

Our entire hosting network has been custom built from the ground up, we built it, so we know how it runs

fantastic support

We offer full technical support on all our services, get in touch with us and we will help get you started 

responsive design

Our custom designed software monitors our hosting servers to make sure the service stays online 24×7 without interuption

Fully scalable

Our infastructure has been designed well in advance which allows for further growth and development where needed

Our Pricing Table

Our pricing options are as stated below. One, three or six month options. All come with installation support and email notifications when your subscriptions are close to their expiry dates

1 Month Hosting

$ 3

per Fortuna Stake

  • Great for short Hosting

6 Month Hosting

$ 16

per Fortuna Stake

  • Great for long term Hosting

3 Month Hosting

$ 8

per Fortuna Stake

  • Great for mid term Hosting

How do i pay?

Swirl is a leading online cryptocurrency payment gateway which allows payments via a wide range of industry leading crypto currencies